Working with Catherine Zerbe and your fitting

Catherine Zerbe has 29 years and known for her quality work with professional service.

Catherine works with hundreds of clients. Designing custom styles and alterations styles such as suits, gowns and everyday wear for women.

Mastering fit for all body sizes and shapes. Your clothing is finished in a timely manner.

Custom design fitted suit process is  (2 to 4 weeks with 1-3 fittings)

Custom design bridal and formal wear takes (4 to 8 weeks with 2-4 fittings).

Beading or any special embellishment requires hand sewing. Hand sewing requires more hours of work time.

For custom design ,made to measure the first appointment consists of a sketch, body measurements, choosing your colors with the best fabric for your design.

We arrange an appointment for your first garment fitting. The work takes about 2 to 3 weeks. Depending on the availability and delivery of the goods needed to construct your design. The making of the pattern, cutting of the fabric and constructing your unfinished first fit.

Alteration process works differently

Catherine pins each garment on you for proper fit. Sometimes other areas of the garment need an adjustment that the client is unaware of. When you have an experienced tailor this can be beneficial for your professional look and proper fitted wardrobe. Depending on the amount of garments the fitting session can take about a half hour to one & a half hours, plus.

Ask for a scheduled appointment. Located in ( Wellen Park) (West Villages) Venice , Florida 34293


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