A custom design created for you in mind

A custom design for you @ costs ranging from $695 to $1,500+

A women’s wear custom design suit ultimately can be the best choice when considering you either have not found the perfect style or fit.

You can also duplicate a suit you have with new fabrics. You know that suit in your closet that you love. But the fabric is old looking or doesn’t fit.

The tailor/designer will create the best fit with the styling you want. The best part is the choice of so many fabrics. You can chose quality luxury or quality basic fabric. The choice is yours.


There is something to be said about a great suit. Style is personal. Correct fit, style, and a unique looking professional statement. A suit can have pants, a dress, or a skirt. Or you can make them all as coordinates.


Work wear suit above.

The sleeve length over the top of the thumb.

The skirt length matches up with the jacket length.

A wing collar regal, you can wear it up or down.

The original design diamond shaped lines made specifically to enhance the bodies curve.

Empire line under the bust for more room at the waist for a comfortable fit.

Everyone wears style looks differently. Custom helps you with determining with resource for mixing your favorite styles together.